MIX launches its new MIX Market this June

Dear Microfinance Colleague,

Over the last year, MIX has been working on redeveloping MIX Market, focusing on improving your user experience and increasing platform stability and flexibility. We are pleased to announce that we are on schedule to launch the new MIX Market in mid-June 2009!

Some of the new features you will find on MIX Market 2.0:

  • Dynamic user interface and intuitive navigation – makes it easier for you to move around the site.
  • Improved data displays – provides a better view of the onscreen data.
  • Downloading capabilities – allows you to download data to Excel.
  • RSS feeds – for you to track updates to the site.
  • Robust search capabilities – with Google search.
  • Flexible platform – new technology allows MIX to add new modules and sections as data expands and the sector matures.

A primary benefit of the new site is that more data will be available for viewing and downloading. MIX Market 2.0 will showcase the rich data that MFIs have provided to us over the years, including financial statements and portfolio reports that are also searchable and downloadable.  This will allow you and other users a fuller, more comprehensive view of MFI performance.

Right now, we are beta testing MIX Market 2.0, with many of your colleagues participating as our user group.  Once this is complete, with their recommendations incorporated, MIX Market 2.0 will be available to the public.  We estimate this will be the middle of June, 2009.

You will receive another communication from us a few days before the new site goes live with the specific launch date and more detailed information about the new features. Remember, you will be able to access the redeveloped MIX Market in the same way you do now, by visiting www.mixmarket.org.

We think you will be very happy with the new site and improved access to data.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at feedback@themix.org.

Thank you,