MicroInsurance Summit 2010 Singapore

Following the success of its MicroInsurance Summit London and the forthcoming MicroInsurance Summit Miami, Hanson Wade, a renowned events company, will once again bring together some of the world’s top experts in this developing market, this time in Singapore, August 3-4.

MicroInsurance Summit 2010 Singapore will feature discussions on:

  • G20 initiatives in microinsurance, and IAIS’s role in developing supervisory guidance
  • Recent changes in regulation and its effects on the commercialization of microinsurance
  • Distribution channels towards optimal results while delivering the best value to the poor
  • Developing demand driven and sustainable insurance products for the poor, with appropriate pricing structures
  • Effective strategies to educate your staff and target market about microinsurance
  • How to raise awareness and  influence the behaviours and practices of your target market
  • The operational and financial sustainability of microinsurance programmes
  • The opportunities and pitfalls of MFIs as a partner
  • Technology as a critical tool to lower transaction costs

RBAP-MABS will be participating in the summit, along with other key experts from leading global and local insurers and reinsurers, MFIs, aid agencies, NGOs, development and commercial banks, and regulatory bodies.

For more information, log on to: MicroInsurance Summit 2010 Singapore