Microfinance Facing a New Paradigm

We have witnessed a lot changes both globally and locally in the microfinance market over the past year.  This is why the theme for this year’s MABS National Roundtable to be held on May 23-24 will be “Microfinance Facing a New Paradigm.”

Come to learn and hear from others about the changing face of microfinance for rural banks.  Come to get answers to these questions and more:

  • What are the forces that now drive change in microfinance?
  • How do these forces affect rural banking in the Philippines?
  • How do microfinance regulation and market forces affect the practice of rural banking in the country?
  • What do rural bankers need to do now to adapt to these changes?

From the MIX Market, we will hear about how their website has improved over the last year to be more customer friendly.  Rural bankers will also be able to get their reports and see where they are in relation to other rural bankers and microfinance practitioners in the Philippines.

From the BSP and leading rural bankers, there will be a session on “Taking Advantage of New Regulations to Expand Microfinance Services.”  So if you want to learn about the following, then this is the session for you.

  • What are the new requirements for micro-deposits to ensure that your clients can qualify for microinsurance?
  • What are the new opportunities and requirements for Microfinance Banking Offices (MBOs)?
  • What are the new e-money and e-money network service provider guidelines so that your bank can issue e-money?
  • How you can hire a third party to assist with marketing and performing KYC to assist in opening up savings accounts?

Following this session, the National Roundtable will also host a session entitled: “A Fresh Perspective on Mobilizing Micro-deposit.”  This session will include discussions and a presentation on:

  • Understanding micro-deposit as defined by regulations
  • What are the benefits and challenges of mobilizing micro-deposits?
  • Strategies for banks in developing a micro-deposit product – examples from the field

Other sessions will include experiences on working with value chains to increase micro-agri lending and updates on the new and improved credit bureau services for rural banks and others engaged in microfinance.

Michael McCord from the International Microinsurance Centre will also be with us to share with leading rural bankers:

  • What are top 3 must-do’s for rural banks that offer or plan to offer microinsurance?
  • Responsible and Effective Sales, Marketing and Servicing of Microinsurance by Rural Banks
  • How to monitor and track your microinsurance partner and microinsurance products and services

With a lot of discussion on interest rate transparency this year, we decided to offer a session entitled “The Price is Right” to discuss and share:

  • New rules on interest rate disclosure and what this means to the bank;
  • How to determine your current APR and where your bank’s microfinance products fall along the transparent pricing curve; and
  • Factors to consider in determining the right price.

Based on the increasing interest in the uses of technology, we will hear from leading rural bankers sharing their experiences in:

  • Offering mobile phone banking services including updates on channel management, financial education, and the benefits of CCT remittances;
  • Offering SMS alert services and updates to clients; and
  • Using third-party ATMs to service clients – experiences from the field.

To round off and end the roundtable, we will hear from a leading marketing expert (Ned Roberto) about “Market Leadership Strategies for Rural Banks”. Specifically, he will discuss:

  • What world-class practices create market leadership;
  • What we can learn from other service industries that transformed their company brands and approaches; and
  • How rural banks can practically apply these strategies.

So plan to come to the 2011 RBAP-MABS National Roundtable Conference and hear from your peers and experts in the field about the new developments in microfinance and how others are preparing for the new paradigm!