2010 MABS EAGLE Awardees

In May 2011, MABS named two of its outstanding participating banks as the EAGLE ACHIEVEMENT Awardees for 2010. These were Bangko Kabayan and Rural Bank of Gattaran.

In recognition of the banks’ exemplary performance in 2010, MABS prepared video documentaries presenting each bank’s success and best practices. These videos are now available online.

Click the following links to watch the videos:

The EAGLE Achievement Award

The annual EAGLE Awards is MABS’ way of recognizing its excelling partner rural banks based on their Efficiency, Asset Quality, Growth, Liability Structure, and Earnings (EAGLE). Every year, MABS conducts an assessment of its participating banks’ performance particularly in microfinance. The results of the annual assessment are presented to the rural banks in a score card format along with written analyses and recommendations for improvement, usually during the annual National Roundtable Conference. Those that met MABS’ standards for excellence are awarded the EAGLE Achievement Award.