Lessons Learned from Providing Financial Education to Promote Branchless Banking

By Aditya Banerjee This is the second of a four part series of articles about the RBAP-MABS National Roundtable 2012 Conference panel session entitled “Using New Channels to Expand Microfinance Services”. Rural banks already play a big role in small communities. They serve over one million low-income families who place their trust – from microinsurance [...]

Rural Banks Providing Financial Education in Branchless Banking

By Cheryl Lualhati Balingit, RBAP-MABS Special Projects Coordinator In Filipino grammar, adding the prefix mag is a nifty way to verbalize a noun. This extends from everyday, colloquial conversation Mag-kape tayo (Let’s have coffee) Mag-sine tayo (Let’s watch a movie) to more profound exhortations, like Mag-bago na tayo. (It’s time we make a change). The [...]

Webinar on Tools to Address Challenges of Branchless Banking

As part of the Consumer Education to Support Uptake and Use of Branchless Banking project, sponsored by the MasterCard Foundation, Microfinance Opportunities will be conducting a webinar on November 29, 2011, at 9:00am EST (10:00pm Manila Time). The webinar will present the challenges to uptake and usage of Branchless Banking identified through market research studies [...]

When I mention mobile phone banking services, what is the first idea that comes to your mind?

Guest Blogger: Matt Steine This was one of the questions asked at the focus group discussion (FGD) conducted recently in a small town of Laur in Nueva Ecija, Philippines.  The participants were borrowers of the local rural bank, GM Bank, based in Cabanatuan City.  The session was held to road test the financial education materials [...]