RBAP-MABS reviews RB Gattaran’s management information system and potential for mobile phone banking services

Located in Cagayan about 242 miles away from Manila, the Rural Bank of Gattaran serves over 50,000 clients in Northeastern Luzon. With the strategic location of its branches including one near a famous tourist spot, Sta. Ana, the bank sees the potential for mobile phone banking services in its areas of operation. The bank’s current [...]

RB Gattaran fortifies microfinance foundation

Recently awarded the 2011 EAGLE (Efficiency, Asset Quality, Growth, Liability Structure and Earnings) Achievement Award for its exemplary microfinance performance in 2010, the Rural Bank of Gattaran continues to push for microfinance excellence. To further strengthen its microfinance operations and improve its account office’s efficiency, the bank’s staff underwent an Account Officer (AO) Refresher Course [...]

2010 MABS EAGLE Awardees

In May 2011, MABS named two of its outstanding participating banks as the EAGLE ACHIEVEMENT Awardees for 2010. These were Bangko Kabayan and Rural Bank of Gattaran. In recognition of the banks’ exemplary performance in 2010, MABS prepared video documentaries presenting each bank’s success and best practices. These videos are now available online. Click the [...]

RBAP-MABS reviews RB Gattaran’s Microfinance Operations

The USAID-supported RBAP-MABS Program, with its commitment to supporting its partner rural banks in enhancing their microfinance products, services and operations, conducted an operations and product review for the Rural Bank of Gattaran on March 1-3, 2011. The activity was to identify the bank’s strengths and areas for improvement, and to provide recommendations to address [...]