September 2009 Highlights

Download MABS September 2009 Highlights .

Rural Banks, offering a competitive advantage for Microinsurance services

Rural banks, in partnership with commercial insurance companies, have one of the best opportunities to reach the greatest number of low income households and facilitate formal microinsurance services across the countryside using a  partnership model.  In this model, commercial insurers carry the risk and the rural banks can disseminate information and help facilitate collections and [...]

PB in Focus: Cantilan Bank, helping to create greater access to formal microinsurance

Cantilan Bank is one of the rural banks that can be considered as an exemplar of successful microinsurance initiative through the partnership model, a microinsurance delivery scheme which involves partnering with a leading insurance provider in providing formal microinsurance to clients. From the onset of its partnership with the Philippine American Life and General Insurance [...]

Pakistani study group takes a look at microfinance in the Philippines

A delegation of 12 members from Pakistan’s National Rural Support Programme (NRSP) conducted a study observation visit to the Philippines on September 14-18, facilitated by the Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines (RBAP). The study tour was conducted to allow the Pakistani delegates to observe the Philippine rural banking industry and its operations, including the [...]