April 2010 Highlights

Download MABS April 2010 Highlights .

Philippines to lead in mobile commerce, expert says

As the texting capital of the world averaging more than two billion text messages a day, the Philippines is predicted to become the leader in mobile commerce. John Owens, a well-known microfinance expert who serves as chief of party to Microenterprise Access to Banking Services, said with around 76 million mobile phone subscriptions in the [...]

FAIR Bank takes another step towards expansion through MABS

MABS visited First Agro-Industrial Rural Bank (FAIR Bank) in Cebu on April 12-17 to review its Housing Microfinance (HMF) Product and provide technical assistance for the development of its planned  microinsurance services. MABS has been working with the bank during the past few months in its campaign to expand its services and outreach by incorporating [...]

RBAP-MABS holds Housing Microfinance Product Development Workshop

Fourteen (14) participants from six RBAP-MABS participating banks returned to the training room on April 14-16 for the second module of the Housing Microfinance (HMF) Product Development Workshop. Held in continuation of the HMF market research training on March 3-5, this module allows the participants to complete the development of their housing microfinance loan product, [...]