Prudential notes increase in 2011 microinsurance claims

THURSDAY, 19 APRIL 2012 20:26 JUN VALLECERA / REPORTER. BUSINESS MIRROR  THE Philippine Prudential Insurance Co. Inc. has reported paying more than P22 million worth of claims in 2011, a substantial increase compared to 2010 when payouts totaled only P2.49 million. Company officials said this indicated a renewed and more vigorous pursuit of a program [...]

Guarding the Poor from Falling through Microinsurance

By Ferdinand Sia Ms. Ermie Mayor arrived at her mother’s house after making the rounds in Dayhagan Pilar, Balasan Iloilo. She sold a whole bilao (winnowing basket) of banana-que (deep fried bananas with caramelized sugar on stick) and bicho bicho (deep fried doughnut coated with brown sugar) that her mother prepared in the morning. She [...]

Banco Santiago de Libon Microinsurance Assessment Visit

Alongside its technical assistance visit and operations review, MABS also conducted a microinsurance assessment visit to Banco Santiago de Libon on November 26-28 to evaluate the bank’s formal microinsurance services. The MABS team conducted focus group discussions (FGDs) among the bank’s clients and field staff regarding the effectiveness and gaps in its microinsurance products underwritten [...]