Ms. Roxana Baldetti of the Guatemalan Congress visits RBAP for mobile phone banking

A well-known member of the Congress of Guatemala, Ms. Roxana Baldetti, visited the Rural Bankers Association of the Philippines (RBAP) on June 17, 2011 to better understand how the mobile phone banking initiative through the rural banks has worked out in the Philippines, particularly in reaching out to more remote areas.. Guatemala is a country [...]

Rural banks expand mobile phone banking in the countryside

Manila Times – A partnership between telecom firms and rural banks in providing financial services to more Filipinos is expected to reach new heights with the development of newer technologies and acceptance of mobile banking in the countryside becoming more prevalent. Many expect mobile money transfers (MMT) to boom over the next three years as [...]

Providing M-Banking Services in a Remote Island: The Bangko Kabayan Experience

M-Banking allows rural banks to expand their reach to communities too small or too remote to justify a branch. Bangko Kabayan, working with the USAID-supported RBAP-MABS Program, has successfully piloted an approach that combines regular visits from bank officers with partnering with mobile money accredited merchants such as sari-sari stores, which provide cash-in, cash-out (CICO) [...]

RBAP-MABS & Rural Banks highlighted at the MMT Asia-Pacific Conference 2011

Having pioneered mobile phone banking and being noted as one of the world’s leaders in mobile money, the Philippines hosted the Mobile Money Transfer Asia Pacific Conference (MMT-APAC) on January 17-20 at the Hyatt Hotel and Casino in Manila. This is the second of Clarion Events’ MMT-APAC series, which started in December 2009. Gathering the [...]