Rural Banks Transforming Microinsurance from Service to Business

By Ruth Aseron The Microinsurance Initiative of the RBAP-MABS Program began in May 2008. Since then, the Initiative has progressed and assisted 192 rural banks towards becoming responsible and legitimate agents of properly regulated and sustainable microinsurance products and services. Three rural banks shared their experiences during the 2012 RBAP-MABS National Roundtable Conference held at [...]

Guarding the Poor from Falling through Microinsurance

By Ferdinand Sia Ms. Ermie Mayor arrived at her mother’s house after making the rounds in Dayhagan Pilar, Balasan Iloilo. She sold a whole bilao (winnowing basket) of banana-que (deep fried bananas with caramelized sugar on stick) and bicho bicho (deep fried doughnut coated with brown sugar) that her mother prepared in the morning. She [...]

A Dream Home Come True

By Ferdinand Sia After getting married in 2001, Mr. Joel and Mrs. Erlyn Espinosa built their small nipa hut in Balasan, Iloilo to start a family. Mr. Joel is a son of a small palay farmer and makes a living as a carpenter for house construction. Years of labor as a carpenter are now showing [...]

RBAP-MABS conducts Savings Mobilization Workshop

Cebu City. Savings mobilization is the important half of financial intermediation and a key service that rural banks provide local communities.  Given this importance, the USAID-supported RBAP-MABS program has always emphasized this function and urged MABS participating banks to design savings products that better meet clients needs. On October 26-28, twelve (12) participants from Cantilan [...]