Success Stories

Going Green to Greener Pasture

When his hardware store in Taytay, Rizal was ransacked several years ago, Ismael Adiaton felt depression overtake him. He had lost the business that cost him 13 years of hard work in the Middle East. He had lost the dream that he hoped would give his family a better life. READ MORE

Mobile money wallets help microentrepreneurs in the Philippines

Turning sideways to squeeze between the tightly packed stalls, customers stop to admire strings of white, pink, and green pearls displayed by Jamera Macmac and her family. The family runs a pearl business in the bustling Greenhills Shopping Center in Manila, Philippines, where customers seek out their unique designs. After years of managing the business, Ms. Macmac wanted to look for new ways to sell her products. She also grew tired of frequent trips to the bank to deposit cash or send money to family in Mindanao. READ MORE

Fertilizing Profit through Micro-Agri

The entrepreneurial spirit of Filipino microfinance clients couldn’t be any more evident in Mrs. Lorna Espura, who operates a two-hectare vegetable farm in the beautiful fields of Cantilan, Surigao del Sur.  A dedicated client of Cantilan Bank, Lorna is currently on her eighth loan of about P20,000 (approximately $440) payable within 6 months. READ MORE


Text-A-Withdrawal Makes Access to Mobile Money Easier

Mr. Archiebald “Archie” Beldad owns a pharmacy located in the town center of Cantilan, Surigao del Sur located in rural northeastern Mindanao. As a registered client of Cantilan Bank, a participating bank under the Microenterprise Access to Banking Services (MABS) Program, Archie began using GCASH for business in March 2007. He purchases and sells GCASH in small amounts and accepts GCASH as payment for his goods. READ MORE


Cantilan Bank's Housing Microfinance Clients

Housing microfinance loans generally mirror the way low-income households build or improve their homes in the countryside, which follow a progressive building approach. Clients often build a foundation then the walls, then add roofing, and include water, sanitation, and electricity, step-by-step. MABS participating rural banks follow the approach that clients take to home improvement and home building in the housing microfinance loan products they offer to their clients. READ MORE

Mobile phone banking merchant partners help ease banking in Surigao

A growing number of store owners are collaborating with rural banks and connecting to the GCASH network from Cantilan to Butuan City and across the region. These store owners are providing cash-in and cash-out services to support mobile phone banking services as well as mobile money transfer in these areas. READ MORE


Mobile banking expands access in rural communities

Cantilan Bank identified the upland area of Ban-ban - a small sitio in Barangay Paniquian of Carrascal town – as one of the places to promote their Text-A-Payment service. Banban is relatively hard to reach due to rough, dusty roads that zigzag and are quite steep at some stretches. READ MORE


Spreading Her Peanut Butter’s Sweet Success

Mrs. Jennilyn Antonio may be at the right place at the right time when her idea fairy experienced a spark of insight.

It was one of those ordinary days at the grocery store when she laid her eyes on some dried peanuts for kare-kare (a Filipino dish) on display. She thought, “If I added some sugar and salt to these, would I get peanut butter? What if I do try it?” READ MORE

A Downpour of Blessings from Dry Goods Retailing

In 1999, Anunciacion Santillan used a mere folding bed along the sidewalk as display area for the dry goods she sold. Back then, life was not easy - she and her husband worked hard but still earned barely enough for themselves.

Less than a decade after, she now owns six merchandize stalls in the Bantayan public market in Bantayan Island, Cebu. The change for the better was borne of hard work, perseverance, financial discipline, and a little outside help. READ MORE

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