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Philippine Prudential Life Insurance Company, Inc.
Life Insurance (Group Yearly Renewable Term)

We offer a Life & Personal Accident Insurance for Bank Borrowers Plus An Extended Personal Accident Coverage for Co-Makers.

Our Insurance Program guarantees that the loan balance, in case of death of an eligible insured-borrower, shall be paid by our Company to extinguish the liability to the bank. In case of accidental death of the insured-borrower, the Company shall pay an amount, equal to the insured loan balance, to the beneficiary/ies, heirs or estate of the insured. Also in case of accidental death of the co-maker, our Company pays the bank the loan balance of the principal debtor. This shall automatically extinguish the loan balance of the principal debtor.

Our Company assures the borrowers that loan balances arising from the death of either the principal debtor or the co-maker are paid.


Contact Persons: Eric P. Falcon (Assistant Manager)
Juan Paolo De Dios (Account Sales Executive)
E-mail: efalcon@philippineprudentiallife.com
Website: www.philprudentiallife.com




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